By: Kelechi Madu    01:15PM    09/27/2021

The National Assembly's management stepped up security measures on Monday to prevent a possible protest by some of its aides.

The aides, who are also known as SAALA, had planned to paralyze the National Assembly on Monday over the non-payment of their 2019 salaries.

The complex was heavily guarded by law enforcement agents and soldiers. The DSS personnel and anti-riot policemen were also in the area.

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Members of the National Assembly were seen entering and exiting the building. They were also observed guarding the doors leading to the foyer at the White House.

Salisu Zuru, the chairman of the NASSLAF, had disowned the group after he was accused of organizing an illegal assembly.

The SAALA had stated that the protest had become necessary to press home their demands.

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The group claimed that they were owed N3.1 billion in salary arrears and other related expenses. It also stated that they were entitled to N1.75 billion for adjustment of the minimum wage.

Members of the Congress of the Trade Union Congress said they will picket the National Assembly Complex and the venue of training on September 27.

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