Namba is a small and drought-stricken village in Southern part of Angola, a Seventh Day Adventist missionary who spent nearly a lifetime in Africa established a mission in this village. This white missionary left and for some years the mission was under the care of a local director. One year the rains failed to come, the crops did not grow, and the mission stores were emptied and no money to buy food if it could have been found.

The mission director had been away for some weeks on a trip visiting distant mission schools. The believers at the Missao Adventista da Namba came to the end of their resources and food supply. The director's wife called the families together and told them the situation. Then she read to the people the promises of the Lord and told them of the manna which had been sent by God to His people in the time of Moses, assuring them that God could send them food in the same way, if necessary.

After prayer, a little girl, about five years of age, went out of the house and in a short time came back with her hands filled with white stuff, which she was eating."What are you eating?" asked the mother. The little lad replied: "Out there I saw some European men, and they said, `The Lord has answered your prayer and has sent you manna; take it up and eat it.' "

Immediately, others went out and found many acres of the ground covered with this white substance. In every detail it corresponded to the coriander-like seeds of the original Manna. Its taste was like wafers and honey. When the people went out to gather the manna, they found no trace of the Europeans. They gathered large quantities of this remarkable food, and their lives were sustained for some time until other food could be obtained. This first happened on Sunday 19th of March, 1945, when God Almighty performed a miracle at Namba, for God caused to rain from Heaven the bread of heaven which is called 'Manna.' The people of Namba ate and filled plates of it. There ate of it many men and women and young children.

Manna stopped falling when the Adventist Mission Station was destroyed by the rebels during the Civil war which lasted for almost two decades in Angola. When the Mission station was rebuilt and rededi- cated to the Lord in the year 2010, on that very day, there was a miracle, Manna fell in a large quantity and like never before and people were afraid to come out of their Homes to collect Manna, only little children came out to collect.

A visit by SID media shows that Manna still falls in this village till today on every Wednesday and Friday if it is not raining. A native of the village confirms that God has been providing for them till date and people are still eating manna in the village.

Some people, who visited the village to verify the claim, tasted the food and said it is indescribable, it is just a miracle. In their claim, they said it is honey-like or cake-like But honestly it can't describe. It is white and sweet; the real taste cannot be compared. We give glory to God who still makes provision for His people.

Source: http://www.believerstoday.net/pages/namba-manna-falls.html
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