At last: Innoson Cars, Pictures and Price List

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd is a Nigerian automobile manufacturing company founded by Innocent Chukwuma. They have their manufacturing plant at Nnewi in Anambra state, Nigeria and manufacture sedans, SUV’s, small buses, luxury buses, trucks and ambulances. Innoson vehicles are becoming more popular daily as the Nigerian government and citizens have started patronizing the company. Below are the prices of Innoson cars as gotten from Innoson limited customer care.
*There are two prices written for each vehicle, the first price is the unit price given by Innoson while the second is the unit price plus the current Nigerian Value Added Tax rate of 5 percent which is subject to change at any time.

Images Credit: Innoson Motors Nigeria Limited

                                                     ivm 5000a
Innoson 15 Seater Bus (IVM 5000a):5,280,000 Naira, 5,544,00

ivm 6105 
  Innoson 85 Passenger City Bus (IVM 6105g):24,200,000 Naira, 25,410,000 Naira

ivm 6751
Innoson 60 Passenger City Bus (IVM 6751) 11,550,000 Naira, 12,127,500 Naira

ivm 6850
Innoson 43 Seater Bus (IVM 6850):24,200,000 Naira, 25,410,000 Naira

ivm 6800
Innoson 33 Seater Bus (IVM 6800):13,310,000 Naira, 13,975,500 Naira

ivm 6730
Innoson 30 Seater Bus (IVM 6730):12,650,000 Naira, 13,282,500 Naira

ivm 6601
Innoson 23 Seater Bus (IVM 6601): 11,440,000 Naira, 12,012,000 Naira

ivm 6540
Innoson 17 Seater Bus (IVM 6540):7,150,000 Naira, 7,507,500 Naira

Innoson 18 Seater Hummer Bus (IVM 6540):8,030,000 Naira, 8,431,500 Naira
ivm 5000

Innoson 15 Seater Cargo Bus (IVM 5000b): 5,280,000 Naira, 5,544,000 Naira
Innoson SUV Jeep (IVM G5) Manual Transmission: 6,380,000 Naira, 6,699,000 Naira

Innoson G5 Jeep (IVM G5)Auto Transmission 6,820,000 Naira, 7,161,000 Naira
ivm carrier 4wd

Innoson Double Cabin Pick-Up (IVM Carrier 4WD):6,490,000 Naira, 6,814,500 Naira
ivm carrier

Innoson Double Cabin Pick-Up (IVM Carrier 2WD):6,050,000 Naira, 6,352,500 Naira
                                                ivm umu

Innoson Umu Saloon (Ivm Umu) Manual Transmission:3,630,000 Naira, 3,811,500 Naira
Innoson Umu Saloon Car (IVM Umu) Automatic transmission: 3,960,000 Naira, 4,158,000 Naira
ivm fox

Innoson Fox Saloon (IVM Fox) Manual Transmission:3,520,000 Naira, 3,696,000 Naira
Innoson Fox Saloon Car (IVM Fox) Automatic Transmission: 3,850,000 Naira, 4,042,500 Naira
innoson g6
Innoson IVM G6 SUV Jeep: 7 million Naira

Innoson Ambulance Bus (IVM 5000c); 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira
Innoson 7 Seater Mini-Bus (IVM Uzo 4): 1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira
Innoson 7 Seater Bus (IVM Uzo 3):1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira
Innoson Mini Bus Single Cabin (IVM Uzo 5):1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira
Innoson 7 Seater MPV Car (IVM Uzo 2):1,760,000 Naira, 1,848,000 Naira
Innoson Single Cabin Pick-Up (4WD): 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira
Innoson 5 Seater Double Cabin Pick-Up 4WD ( Mitsubishi Engine And Leather Seats): 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira
Innoson 5 Seater SUV Jeep(4WD)(IVM G-6): 6,600,000 Naira, 6,930,000 Naira
Innoson 26 Seater Bus (IVM 6660a) 11,880,000 Naira, 12,474,000 Naira
Innoson 8 Tonnes Swing Arm Truck(IVM 5003): 12,650,000 Naira, 13,282,500 Naira
Innoson 12 Tonnes Compactor Truck(IVM 5251): 19,800,000 Naira, 20,790,000 Naira
Innoson Road Sweeper (IVM 5100): 21,450,000 Naira, 22,522,500 Naira

*These prices took effect from 1st June, 2016.
You can check and buy Innoson vehicles at any of their car dealerships nationwide and you can contact them through the following channels:
Headquarters Office Address: No.2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwu-Uru -Uru, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.
Phone(s):+234 (0) 8105472222, (0)7089440040,(0)7033326171
Lagos+234 (0)8035740097
Abuja+234 (0)8166126255
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