Osaze: Nigerian Lecturers May Start Losing Jobs From 2028

Osaze Obaseki-Osemwegie 

By: Victor Kelechi       December 24, 2019     09:19hours 

The Managing Director of La Plage Services, Mr. Osaze Obaseki-Osemwegie, a pioneering Nigerian Digital learning outfit,  has warned that Nigerian lecturers may be heading for extinction if measures are not put in place to upgrade them to compete with their peers in advanced countries.

He made this revelation known during one of his training sessions where it was said that as technology keeps improving universities worldwide now compete for students from outside their geographical space, universities now offer attractive courses at attractive tuition rate sometimes backed by student loans and rebates. Above all these universities are world class with excellently high degree of proficiency in their program offerings and delivery.

He cited cases universities like Harvard, MIT, Oxford universities offering certificate, degree and masters programs that students can take from the comfort of their rooms and offices. Secondly admission for these courses are almost without hurdles, students usually gain admission as soon as they meet requirements unlike here in Nigeria where admission has become a topic for prayers in churches, mosques and shrines

As a way out, he offered to support lecturers towards competing at the world stage with their peers from advance countries. "lecturers from Nigeria need to act fast otherwise if others from other African countries seize the initiative it will be a huge disaster waiting to happen."  Already universities from Europe and America have taken the competition to our door steps. While our lecturers are battling with analogue methods and ways of delivering quality education other lecturers have gone miles ahead to personalize lecturing.

Mr. Osaze Obaseki-Osemwegie is well read with vast knowledge base, his organization - La Plage Services currently offer online and on-site world class training opportunities to thousands of Nigerians at the fraction of the cost, in addition to this, the organization keeps bringing to the table hitherto obscure study opportunities which were exclusive reserves of students from advanced countries. Amongst its students are serving and retired officers, civil servants, lawyers, magistrates, doctors, nurses, teachers, NGO workers, undergraduates, corps member etc.

On Nigerian Universities he also predicted that almost at the same time Nigerian Universities may start begging students to take up admissions, unfortunately as usual with most cases with Nigerian institutions it would have been too late. There are well laid out plans to have Nigerians school and earn high quality certificate, degree and post graduate qualifications even without stepping out of the shores of this country, while ASSUU and JAMB making things difficult for Nigerian students, foreign universities from developed countries are the ones gaining.

Mr. Osaze promised to offer scholarship worth millions of naira to thousands Nigerians and other africans in the coming days. He advice his followers and numerous students worldwide to sign-up to his linkedin account https://www.linkedin.com/in/osaze-obaseki-osemwegie-17894130/, facebook account:-https://web.facebook.com/osazeosemwegie/ and his twitter account https://twitter.com/lelionafrique, this will enable them keep in touch with new development especially with regard to the scholarship that will commence in the next few days, they are encouraged to also visit www.laplageservices.com to keep abreast.


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  1. You are very correct Osaze, Nigeria needs to strategize and embrace E-learning to meet up with world class tuition currently making waves world over and the communication Giants need to offer people unlimited data package monthly at affordable fees to help students key in as well.
    The government with Ministry of Education and communications have to work together to achieve success.
    Thanks for reminding our government on this. This post needs to go viral for people at the helm of affairs to be reminded.

  2. A food for thoughts Mr Osazem,a big thanks to you for this early revelation and prophecy of the things to come. May God bless and keep you. Christie EB Iwezor.

  3. Outrightly explicit projection you've made in this piece Osaze. I quite agree with you. The rate at which on-line/e-learning is making wave today and the logical validation of it's Certificate is indeed a threat to the University institutions and the Lectures in these instructions.
    The earlier our Nation Nigeria brace up to meet to embrace this new development the better.
    Having been a beneficiary of La Plages services on several numbers of Certificates I have acquired, I'll recommend La Plague for quality service to upgrade and impact our Nigerian Lecturers.

  4. Thoughtful presumptions there. How i wish they would hear

  5. Hpw i wish we have listening Leaders in this part of the clime

  6. Interesting piece. Thanks for the insight

  7. Apt projection for our Nigerian lecturers to take advantage of diverse online upgrade programs available at the click of the button. The era of "handout selling" is far gone. It's time to face the realities of the 21st century "knowledgepreneur". Government at all levels in Nigeria should heed this wake up call from Mr. Osazee before it too late, by providing the necessary platform for the take-off of sustainable e-learning across all spectrums of Nigerians.

  8. Good strategic thinking. The sustainable development goal should cash on this quickly.