Nigerians To Now Get More United Nations Jobs With This Document

 A firm which has been in the forefront of training and digital education has created a special material to help millions of Nigerians to easily get jobs with United Nations and to also learn how to set up their NGOs and help same NGO get United Nations Consultative Status. 

The first material is "How To Start An NGO, Gain United Nations Consultative Status For Your NGO, Design Free Fliers Online & Make Your Own Website For Your NGO"

Use this link to download the material

The second material is All You Need To Know About Getting A Job With United Nations, United Nations Volunteers And International NGOs

Use this link to download the material

In a key address, a senior representative of the firm (La Plage Services) encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of this documents and further enhance their fortunes, noting that there are limited copies of each material. 
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