Finally: Hospitality firm to have a data base for employment purposes for hotel, bakery and restaurant professionals nationwide.

 La Plage Services is a foremost name in the hospitality industry consultancy services. In view of the rising challenges in fielding professionals, we hope to pool together a data base of qualified and experienced professionals in Nigeria.
This form is a data base of Restaurant, Hotel & Bakery Management Professionals, Managers and workers. It also covers workers in other roles in the hospitality industry. This is not an association not a union but a pooling together of professionals.
La Plage Services will build a data base easily accessible by industry players in Nigeria and all over the world. Every owner of hotels, bakeries and restaurants can contact our data base for purpose of verification and support. In no distant time we are sure government regulatory agencies too will start tapping into this data base.
Every information submitted could be subject to verification and that filling this form means you giving an approval for verification of information submitted.
That you also by filling this form give employers, recruiters and industry regulators free hands to verify and confirm the authenticity of information submitted.
Once again we must CONGRATULATE you for joining the future professionals who every one will want to be identified with.
Recruiting companies can also draw from our data base for quick employment.

You will get a copy of your response in your e-mail. Please do keep it for future reference.


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