FCT Excess Revenue Burden: LPS speaks up for Restaurants, Hotels and Bakeries in Abuja.

The managing director of La Plage Services - Osaze Osemwegie has called on the FCT authority  to look into the various revenue generating bodies in the Federal Capital Territory as their debilitating effect on the steady and sustained growth of the hospitality industry is having a negative effect on these businesses and the economy of the FCT. 

A situation where a restaurant, bakery or hotel is made to pay to several revenue bodies with high amounts demanded is not good for business particularly in view of the current economic situation.
The current revenue burden has made several of these outfits to close shop thereby further exacerbating the already bad unemployment situation. One therefore wonders if these government agencies and bodies are working at cross purpose with the effort  of the federal government to create and retain jobs.

While speaking to Changed Nigeria News he called on the authorities to reign in on their personnel in the way and manner they go about demanding for these revenues.
Changed Nigeria News also discovered from its investigation that while Restaurants, Hotels and Bakeries are struggling with high cost of running their businesses with the attendant consequences of virtually running such businesses at a loss thereby leaving the proprietors stranded, government revenue agencies and monitoring agencies are not helping matters.

Their incessant demands for revenues which usually are too high for these struggling outfits puts the FCT in a very precarious situation economically as many more will soon close shops while sending their staff into the Labour market.

The Managing Director also called on NAFDAC and SON to be more supportive and instructive rather than being punitive as it will help  support the Federal Government's effort to revamp the economy. 
He also says that FCT revenue agencies and government regulatory agencies overseeing the activities of  hospitality practitioners to see themselves as partners with the common goal of building a more prosperous, healthier and Safer Nigeria.
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